Sunday, June 11, 2017

on voter ID laws

a perfect strike in politics is when you can do something that benefits yourself, hurts your opponent, and wrap that action completely within a banner of plausibility that you're doing it for a perfectly logical reason that is fair to all.

requiring an ID to verify identity, eligibility, and defend against fraud is an airtight logical idea; and i can't believe that any rational person would argue any different... ...conceptually.

that said, i think we all know that's not the issue. the fact that the gop targets money toward jurisdictions where voter ID laws will create the most impactful demographic voter suppression is well-documented. most of the time by sloppy republicans who *themselves* stupidly admit it on the record. seen it many times from different sources over the years. highly googleable.

  • republicans need to stop pretending this isn't actually a two-dimensional problem.
  • republicans need to stop pretending that there aren't hundreds of thousands of otherwise eligible citizens in a situation where obtaining a gov't ID is very difficult, too expensive, or in some cases nearly impossible.
  • republicans need to stop pretending that they're not secretly ok with this, while outwardly waving the banner of "you need to show ID, because we're fighting fraud".

why is it that republican proposed legislation is most often not much more than "we require ID now; tough".

you want to get *everyone*, on the right *and* the left 100% on-board with voter ID laws?

here's how:

if we really care about liberty and justice for all, then the proposed legislation would look a lot more like "we require ID now; here's what you can use, here's how to get it, and here's where to turn if you get stuck".

i would hope that even "small government" conservatives would admit that there can't be many government services more valuable to spend tax dollars on than one that knocks down government-imposed barriers to participation. maybe some are doing this; i hope so.

but in the end, if you run into a republican/conservative who thinks the problem can only be described as "voters need to show ID to prevent fraud", then that's someone who's simply exhibiting ignorance--either voluntarily on purpose, or involuntarily as a result of foxnews-style brainwashing.

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